Friday, December 4, 2015
Here Goes the First of the unheard Releases from TFCM Thoughts From a Cinematic mind Produced by Mikey FreshBeats of Soul City Studios &Jiggy Thompson. The whole Project was themed around different Movies that connected Music to popular Cinematic art. this whole Project was due to drop in 2014. Some of the tracks that you may have heard from this project are New Jack City, Do the Right thing Ft Donwil of Tonya morgan and Blazing Saddles Ft Panama Soweto and Tyriq Typhy Swingler. Most of the work put into this came from a personal prospective of where my life was during this time. Recently the track was Picked up by KPPR Power FM Paris who Liked and wanted to play the track on their station after finding it on My Webpage. I'm Currently hard at work with Fat Trak who produced The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and Hope to make another Classic album with him. Enjoy!! ‪#‎Breakfastattiffany‬'s 

I recently dropped Breakfast at Tiffany's off of thoughts from a Cinematic Mind and got a great response. Sooo I decided to drop the EP December 31st with a Specail edition of the full album this New Year 2016! Ft production From Mikey Fresh and Dj Paradox of Soul City studios. Ft artist like Donwill of Tanya Morgan, @molinaspeaks @biancamikahn @itsrolphy @typhyhenh @panamasoweto and More!!

Being Young in 2015 is tricky. It's easy to feel like your safe in in the thick of danger. We're dealing with a style of craziness that's down played and glorified at the same time in media and entertainment world. Most of my friends of all races are aware of the systematic breakdown of ethnic realities. When I think of racism I rarely think of it as just a matter of race... I think of the systematic components that play into life, culture and perception. Privilege is something that everyone has. Men have it over women, straight folks have it over the LGBTQ community, whites over minorities one religion over another... Women have it... We all do. Depending on the circumstance sometimes we benefit more than another at a job, in school from police. Once we realize we have the upper hand over another we make a decision of who we want to be In it... we choose who we are. I feel If we're ever going to evolve our culture we have to acknowledge the ugly realties of privilege, patriarchy, and the isms. I don't think most people are looking to be evil. But when you place your preferences over another's needs your walking a thin line of being a culture vulture, and an opportunist, that's exactly how slavery started. Someone saw an opportunity took advantage of someone else's openness and put their preferences over another. Be aware of your privilege! We all have it but it can be detrimental to a person on the bottom. Violence is ugly regardless of race we akknoqeldge the struggle and push forward culture ‪#‎Evolveforward‬ ‪#‎Carepastself‬ ‪#‎HilltopMarch‬ #12/5 ‪#‎Lovelightanddream‬ ‪#‎Gaspoffthat‬