Friday, January 1, 2016

Thought From a cinematic mind is a collection of thoughts and life seen through the eyes of ILL Se7en's cinematic lens. On this EP Se7en speaks on struggle Love and Life using movies as a metaphor for his experience. This Ep takes you on a journey of hustle struggle love and victory, The emcee takes the lead character in each flick. Mikey Fresh is the conductor scoring each song to fit the theme of each film.

They're both brilliant through out this Ep from production to lyrics the theme is fun and the songs are Banging! The Combination is refreshing with great co stars on each track.

Tanya Morgan's Donwill tag teams Do The Right Thing with ILL Se7en telling the story of living in the city, summer bumming and struggle through change.

Molina Speaks and Bianca Mikahn Join ILL on The Great Gatsby speaking on Big Dreams hard falls and ugly truths. The track captures the Gatsby story from each artists prospective.

The vibe changes When Typhy comes in  on Blazing Saddles! This Track speaks on the wild west and black cowboys! what more needs to be said. Every Emcee on this track comes out Guns Blazing with swagy word play Panama Soweto Closes out the song with a monstrous verse.

#TFCM sounds Fun a bit familiar while taking you on a visual vivid journey. You Should Down Load it Now!


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