Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This is the reason why it's important to build out Community Conversations around Police and Youth..  Perception and reality... We can talk about what needs to change and how it needs to change but if there is no action happening no discussion being had you can't get mad at our Youth for expressing the way they view things. News, Community, parents and educators this is a fear our kids have. teaching the outlines of Evolution vs Revolution... if your voice isn't being heard and your people are being marginalized art is the voice that makes the masses pay attention. I don't think all Police are bad. I don't believe all Youth are Innocent. I do believe that people are an idea to each other until they can see them Human. I do believe Youth need room to grow past mistakes. My first encounter with an officer  was similar to this  I was young Black and mistaking for someone else. If that's your first encounter with an officer face to face then your perception has been tainted. If we are to change the narrative we have to change the setting. #Gaspoffthat #Each1Teach1

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