Monday, April 11, 2016

The Griots Cypher

Faith is the substance of things hope for and the eveidence of the things not seen. 
my belief in self has gotten me to a place of true freedom. Most live in the maybe dreaming and never achieving the greatness of who they can truly be. The best lessons are learned from mistakes which gains wisdom... We make opportunitys manifest out of nothing, out of faith, out of vision. Your legacy is being written in the now so they will never forget 

#Gaspoff that 

A West African Tale

A great warrior did not return from the hunt. His family gave him up for dead, all except his youngest child who each day would ask, "Where is my father? Where is my father?"
The child's older brothers, who were magicians, finally went forth to find him. They came upon his broken spear and a pile of bones. The first son assembled the bones into a skeleton; the second son put flesh upon the bones; the third son breathed life into the flesh.
The warrior arose and walked into the village where there was great celebration. He said, "I will give a fine gift to the one who has brought me back to life."
Each one of his sons cried out, "Give it to me, for I have done the most."
"I will give the gift to my youngest child," said the warrior. "For it is this child who saved my life. A man is never truly dead until he is forgotten!"

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