Thursday, May 19, 2016

7 Lesson II

Life is what you make it.

Living this great life that I live I've learned that we frame our own reality daily. The changing of my thoughts have been the elevation of my quality of life. The more I grow into who I am... accepting it and embracing it love becomes easier relationships and the quality of people in my life have increased as well. The battle that I fight regularly isn't external it's very much internal, racism is a systematic problem,.. but believing and owning what they say is how they truly win. once we can learn to take ownership of who what where we are we can shape our now. I live in the moment not afraid of what might be because I've accepted what is and molded my now. The most powerful muscle and tool I have is right in between my two ears. I'm painting my daily reality! I'm great, I'm Blessed and achieving my goals daily.

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