Monday, June 6, 2016

Who's ILL?? new Episode 2 Find your Greatness.

You are as great as you believe. I've been putting together Vlogs that engage reprograming the way's we see ourselves. Writing your own narrative and guiding that story into excellence. we're "ALL CALLED TO greatness"! I truly believe that, it takes a village of like minded artistic innovative thinkers to start a renaissance. I believe we're at the beginnings of a renaissance that will be just as transformational as the one in Harlem at it's peak! The first evolution that was recorded as a european renaissance was from the 14th to the 17th century, used as the cultural bridge between the middle ages into modern history. It started as a cultural movement in Italy in the Late medeivel period and later spread to the rest of Europe, marking the beginning of the early modern age. We're at the beginnings of an African, Mexican, and Indigenous renaissance.The African Renaissance is the concept that African people and all it's nations shall overcome the current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural  scientific, and economic renewal. The African Renaissance concept was first articulated by Cheikh Anita Diop in a series of essays beginning in 1946, which are collected in his book Towards the African sun. Afrofuturism, Latino Futurism, and Indigenous Futurism is the idea of us all reaching back to push forward. Our roots or are our future. #Gaspoffthat #TribalCyphers 

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