Saturday, July 23, 2016

I had the pleasure of speaking at Kansas State. The discussion was on the Importance that
art plays in molding the American culture.
K-State’s American Ethnic Studies Student Association’s hip-hop-themed event, “The Great Paradigm,” featured the hip-hop artists, activists and educators ILL Se7en, FaT TrAk and Francisco “Enuf” Garcia from communities around the nation. The event took place in the K-State Student Union’s Little Theatre Thursday evening.

Black Male Initiative

  • llse7enAt the annual Black Male Initiative Summit (BMIS), which took place April 29 at the University of Denver, keynote speaker Michael Acuna, a Denver-based hip-hop artist who records and performs as ILL Se7en, challenged all of the young men in the room to change the way they think about themselves in society.

    With a dominant white narrative in our culture, Acuna told the assembled group of students from Denver-area middle and high schools, young black men have to work to establish a legacy for themselves.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Who's ILL?? Why are frustrated??

Thoughts that came about after the alton Sterling shooting
ILL Se7en Rocking Lost Lake with Bianca Mikahn and Mauwle for his release party
Performance from The Westword Showcase with Bianca Mikahn on the Looper Dj'ing 
The Boombaptricks Presents The Man of Steel Tour This segment of BoomBaptricks we will presenting Dj True Justice from the Bay area, and his recently released album "The Man of Steel"  We will feature other prominant Denver Artists, as well as Our favorite fashion house Flare & Square.  Our Venue of choice is Bar Red which mixes some of Denver's Best Drinks, as well as amazing food!
The Man Of Steel album is finally here and it does not disappoint. This release offers a robust effort by one of the bay Area's most loved DJs, and covers a wide range of topics -- from the socially poignant to the comical -- and everything in between. 
On Saturday, July 16th, True Justice will celebrate this incredible release Live onstage inside Bar Red. 

The guest performers are Bay Area Hip Hop Royalty:
Vocab Slick
and as always this DJ welcomes top notch local talent:
SixOclock, ILL Se7en, Cadava Records & Babah Fly

Im Playing the inner peace Festival 7/23 get your tickets early we're celebrating the community and the elevation of thought Inner Peace out is the base roots of The true essence of Hip Hop.