Saturday, November 11, 2017

Acuna Black

ILL SE7EN aka ACUNA BLACK Crates of Vintage Dreams Project Connects visual art, Poetry, and Hip Hop, to the roots of who we are as people, breaking out of the box of stigma's and stereotypes showing the brilliance and possibilities of who we could be from the greatness of who we were. Acuna Black changes the narrative of what is to be yourself in a system built to destroy you. Within this project SE7EN weaves affirmations into his music that empowers his listeners to elevate to their greatest self. This video captures the greatness of 5 Points in Denver Colorado, highlighting the great artist who connected to the city of Denver and made The Five Points the legendary block it is. Most people know very little of The Five Points history and it being considered the Harlem of the West during the time of the Harlem renaissance. Great performers like Billie Holliday, John Coltrane, Louie Armstrong, James Brown, Bob Marley, Gil Scott Heron just to name few graced the stages of Five Points. More history, poetry and music to come from Acuna Black Creates of Vintage Dreams. All Music produced by Fat Trak of Trilateral productions, all Music and Poetry written By Michael Acuna aka Acuna Black of GaspFace Collective and Boombaptricks. Trumpet player J.Fuziion Creative lead by Michael Acuna Filmed & Directed by Jared Berger Artistic facilitator & Co Director Ben Chavez


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