Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jay-Z and Dean Baquet, in Conversation

This is a great conversation with Jay.

It's refreshing to hear a grown artist like Jay-Z speak towards the reality of being a successful black man in America. We have a tendency to believe that once we've reached a certain level of success we can escape the hardships of everyday life....  

In this interview Jay humanizes himself past his iconic stature, and talks towards his everyday life struggle. 

His vulnerability in this interview is something that we need more of. Openness and vulnerability has been something that the black community and Hip Hopers have avoided because fear of appearing weak. 

Because Hip Hop is rooted in street culture, misogyny goes hand in hand robbing black men the ability to be a human past a machismo facade.

 Jay speaks towards his relationships with his wife Beyonce and Kanye, the tension and emotions around those relationships, politics with Trump in office, racism in America in 2017.
      listening to this interview you hear how much he's grown in his artistry and as a man. 

As a long time listener and participant of hip hop culture it's inspiring to see our heroes grow. Jay is 
far from perfect. 

But that's what makes him great. His accountability for his mistakes and his need and want to grow within his imperfection has made him a wise OG.

We could only get this style of conversation from a mature artist who has gone through enough life to understand it's complexities   

Hip Hop as a culture is maturing into a true progressive voice of the future and as it matures, it's 
important that we remember that the commercialization of the culture is only one aspect.
It's constantly growing, changing transforming and challenging world culture. 

Hip Hop has always been young, unapologetic, edgy and the voice of the people... it's who we are at our roots. 

At it's best allows us to tell our stories remove our masks and be human. Jay Z is a true example of evolution. 

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  1. Wow this some amazing update about my favorite star. I love to follow Jay-Z and loved your blog about him. Thanks for the share. :)