Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ILL Se7en master mind recipient Westword story Kyle Harris

In a room at a local high school, Michael Acuña leads a group of students and Denver police in breathing exercises. No doubt the students and the cops find the whole thing hokey — but the participants in this workshop have no clue just how corny things will get.
Once everybody has breathed in and out a few times, the lanky rapper busts out a spoken-word poem, a deeply personal monologue delivered in front of what may be two of the most guarded, judgmental and often diametrically opposed groups: law enforcement and youth.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tribal Zyphers our root and CRWN Clothing are collaborating for black history month with MBK and LaNapoule art foundation. we'll be hosting The Chasing Trane Documentary with Live performances from Spoken word artist FITZGRERALD and J Fuzion Live performance from ACUNA BLACK AKA ILL SE7EN. The event will begin at 4 pm at The Alamo theater with dinner drinks and discussion. This is an all ages event to help raise funds for community programming. We will be presenting a new movie each month celebrating black, Latino, and indigenous culture. Keep posted on the next events on our Tribal Zyphers business page,or LaNapoule, BoomBaptricks or 52eightyentertainment
A Love supreme Series. We're Starting with the Chasing Trane Documentary. Building out community discussion engaging Social, Spiritual, Economic and self reflection. Follow Tribal Zyphers and CRWN. To Stay posted on performances and topics for this series.